More People More Active More Often

For Leisure Providers

Sport Passport has been designed to serve all sports and all centres. It's quick to set up, and easy to implement. The software is intuitive, and training is included in your membership. Streamline systems across your centres, and bring all sports under one simple software platform.

For Sports Clubs

Get more people excited about your sport with our fun, interactive software. Communicate with adult members, kids and teens, parents, coaches and volunteers. Manage everything online, using any device. Sport Passport works with every existing Leisure Management System.

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Sport Platforms

Whatever sport you deliver and whatever delivery and assessment framework you use Sport Passport can provide a technology solution to improve your programme. Sport Passport helps you manage your entire programme, including membership, booking and progression. Sport Passport takes your programme paperless and offers an improved experience for parents and participants. Parents stay informed of progress and achievement, and as the participant earns stars and trophies and unlocks games and activities, Sport Passport helps participants stay fully engaged in their development.

If your sport or activity is not listed below, contact us and we can create a solution!

No Wifi? No Problem

Sport Passport has been designed for poolside, playing fields, pitches and gyms. Download your lessons to your phone or tablet, and have them to hand even when you're offline. Mark the class register, access lesson plans, and award stars for achievements. Once you're back in a Wifi area, the system gets seamlessly updated. Perfect for sports on the go.

Get ready to meet the award-winning software for Leisure Contractors, Sports and Leisure Trusts, Sports Clubs, Local Authorities, and Local Sports Facilities.

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